Margie graduation trip

(Note that you can click on any of these pictures for full-sized versions.)

Sandi and the gang drove in late Thursday night/Friday morning (got to the house at 1:30am; the lockbox didn’t work, but, luckily, Patrick Wood had brought Margie down to meet people, and he cat-burglar’ed his way into the upper floor and unlocked it for them). I got in on Friday just in time for dinner with Mark and Katy and Maureen and the Woods at Rice, a Thai place in downtown Ventura.

We all got up Saturday morning in Ventura and raced in two cars to graduation on campus.

Here’s a somewhat fuzzy shot of the graduates processing into the Chapel for the commencement Mass at 9am.


The liturgy was glorious, with world-class music (thanks to Danny Grimm Sr, as ever; Catherine joined the choir right before Mass since Danny knows her abilities), we were treating to a quite arresting homily by Cardinal DiNardo.

Cardinal DiNardo processing out, throwing a wave.


Margie processing out.


Margie and Melanie afterwards in the brilliant sun. Looks like Mel’s wearing some kind of high shoe.


The faculty processing in to the graduation arena, starting about 11:30am.


(As an aside, here’s a shot of the graduation area, in the lower quad, the day afterwards when all was said and done, to give some orientation. Basically, it was in front of the library, with the stage set up on the east side of the lower quad, so we’re looking east here into the Los Padres National Park mountain range.)


Margie and Maureen processing in for graduation.


Margie on her way up to the podium to receive her graduate colors and diploma, with Maureen in the wings.


A view from the back under the sun shield as the graduates stood for a final blessing, and to sing the final¬†Non nobis, Domine,¬†before processing out. (It was a hot day–I’d guess 90+, though nice and desert-dry.)


Margie processing out (lots of processing going on ;-), with Maureen right in front of her, I believe.


Mary and Mel standing around afterwards.


Our old friend Mark Langley afterwards; his eldest Rosie graduated today. Lots of Langleys and Langley cousins in attendance. Mark brought his daughter Mary with him, since Stephanie couldn’t come. And he had three daughters at TAC this year (Rosie, the graduate, Sarah, and Margot; I think there’s another coming this fall, so they’ll have three at a time for a while.


Margie and Sean Wood with their godchild (Juniper Schneir) in Margie’s arms; Sean’s holding his niece Siobhan Becher.


After graduation, everyone gathered in and outside the commons for a graduation lunch, where we spent hours catching up with old friends.

Then all the Steubenville Rylands joined up with the San Marcos Rylands for dinner at Margie’s favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Farmer and the Cook.


The next day, Sunday, after the 11:30am high Mass, standing around talking with David Langley and Sarah Smiley.


And talking with a Richard (Langley cousins–her mother is Mary, Laura’s sister).


A view of the chapel after Mass on Sunday. Glorious (hot, dry) weather.


Again, in front of the chapel, but looking south towards the temporary buildings that will be replaced this fall with the last of the classroom buildings, St. Gladys Hall. That will also complete the lower quadrangle, connecting to the library on the left.


A view from our beach house living room window, looking west towards the beach. It’s a very comfortable space, and just a minute’s walk from the water. Everyone’s floating in and out of the house to the beach. Almost a private space, though apparently this particular street & beach is often used by the families we know in the area–on Tuesday we bumped into the Collinses (one of the tutors) and in-laws, and other folks from Catherine’s years.


A view inside the living room, with the beach towards the right, down the street. There’s an elementary school right across the street, so the days are filled with the sounds of kids playing all day. (Quite pleasant.) These kids don’t know how lucky they are to have a school right on the beach, though they can’t really see the ocean, due to a silly wall around the school property at the beach end.


A view from slightly north on the beach; the house in the middle with the reddest tile roof is at the end of our street (New Beford Court).


We gathered just our clan for dinner Tuesday night at Rice (an instant favorite). Across the street is this gorgeous Bank of Italy building.